"An Illustrated Guide to Coffee Drinks" & "An Illustrated Guide to Coffee Brewing" art prints produced exclusively for my Online Store
The illustrated guide to coffee drinks demonstrates the make up of each type of drink, from the type of coffee used, the treatment of the milk or alternative ingredient and the size of cup they're served in.​​​​​​​
The illustrated guide to coffee making equipment includes individual coffee pods made specifically for the likes of Nespresso machines, the Hario V60 drip or pour over, an espresso portafilter, a percolator, a Turkish coffee pot, a Moka pot, a French Press or 'Cafetierre',  an Aerobie Aeropress and a Chemex.​​​​​​​
Available in A1 and A2 sizes, framed or unframed, all art prints are signed and embossed by the artist. Artwork is Giclee printed onto Juno 270 textured watercolour archival stock, which is print colourfast for 75+ years.