Illustrated anthropomorphic brand hero for Liverpool based design agency Smiling Wolf. They provide a broad range of services across a wide client base through a  wholistic approach that focusses on the engagement and experiences of end users.
One of the most interesting aspects about my job, is seeing what other people do with my drawings. Sometimes an illustration answers a brief and that's fine. But collaborating with other creatives - in this case a design agency with a contemporary style - often lends a whole new lease of life to a job. I love the sharp, modern edge that Smiling Wolf bring to their new wolf. It’s very different to my style, yet complimentary and striking at the same time.
Illustrated brand hero for The Cook & Thief - a premium online London based food preparation and delivery service. The traditional engraving style swift wearing a burglar’s mask was developed for use on packaging and was Art Directed and Commissioned by dStudio.
In collaboration with packaging design agencies I've produced artwork for wine  labels including these anthropomorphic characters for 'The Watering Hole' - a South African red.
Elsewhere an early commission saw me illustrating a Koala bear for an Australian Shiraz. I was also asked to create three variations of a Victorian gentleman (Caberet Frank) with a super talented moustache that has a mind of its own.
The evening of the 5th December, the night prior to The Feast of St. Nicholas (celebrated across central Europe on 6th December) is known as Krampusnacht. On this night a wicked hairy devil, half goat, half demon, appears on the streets visiting homes and businesses, occasionally accompanied by Saint Nicholas. If he visits you it is customary to offer Krampus a glass of schnapps. Where St. Nick concerns himself only with good children, Krampus deals with the naughty and the bad, carrying them away in a basket on his back. Have you been good little boy or girl this year?
My Krampus was illustrated with a nod to Alphonse Mucha who's work typifies the late nineteenth century artwork of the region. Any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, (particularly the artist and his youngest daughter) is purely coincidental.