I've illustrated and built my very own toy theatre. The Juvenile Drama is a little side project I've been developing for myself. Benjamin Pollock's Toy Theatre's were a popular way of reproducing stage productions in the home in the 19th Century. 
The long term plan is to illustrate and animate some short, irreverent sketches based on observations of real life. I'm currently writing some scripts myself and am looking to collaborate with guest writers in the future. If you're interested in collaborating, please email me.
The Home of Comedy, Tragedy & Satyr.
Satyric drama was one of the three varieties of Athenian drama. Despite it's name, it wasn't a predecessor to the modern form of Satire. They were in fact tragicomedies, similar in spirit to the bawdy satire of burlesque. They would feature choruses of satyrs, storylines based on Greek Mythology and behaviour patterns of drunkenness, brazen sexuality (including phallic props), pranks, sight gags, and general merriment.
Each sketch is preceded by it's own age rating certificate, as identified by the Board of Juvenile Theatre Certification*.
My Juvenile Theatre features it's very own house band: Dr.Thalamus & The Craniums...
* A Fictional Organisation