Illustrated plates of food from a forthcoming Family Recipe Cookbook, including an all time favourite - Festive Sausage Rolls! Featured below are Pan Seared Scallops on a Bacon & Black Pudding Crumb with Pea Puree, a tasty little Chorizo & Asparagus brunch and the breakfast of champions - Greek yoghurt with fresh berries and nuts.
My illustrative process is a bit like cooking or making cocktails and I'm lucky to be able to combine all of my creative passions professionally. My work always begins with the structure - a strong black and white line inked drawing. Sometimes, depending on the brief, this is all that's required. Then I work on adding more flavour by producing the colour layer using either coloured pencils or water based paints. Finally I bring the two elements together in digital layers, often using the coloured layer to colour my inked drawing.