I produced illustrated artwork for a series of promotional postcards for Copalli Rum. Copalli is crafted in the rainforests of Belize using only three ingredients.
At its heart is fresh-pressed sugar cane juice, extracted from organic cane sustainably grown next door to the Copal Tree Distillery. The second ingredient is fresh rainwater, courtesy of the areas semi-tropical climate. This is carefully collected without disrupting the natural habitat. The third ingredient is non-GMO yeast used to initiate the fermentation at the start of distillation.
The approach to crafting Copalli Rum differs from larger rum brands which are generally distilled using molasses rather than fresh sugar cane. The result is a fresher tasting Rum that is not overly sweet, allowing for spirit of the rainforest to shine through.

My challenge was to produce an illustrated border that captures both the rainforest and the essence of The Holidays - from sugar cane to candy canes! The festive themed serves were individually illustrated and feature on the reverse side as cocktail recipes. The border came in a range of colourways picked from the brands palette that also evoke a Christmas flavour.