Juvenile Drama is an illustrated side project, looking to revive the traditional Victorian art form of the paper model toy theatre. The aim is to bring it up to date and make it culturally relevant, all the while paying homage to time honoured principles and aesthetics.
It also asks the question of 'how far can I push my traditional style, two dimensional illustration?'. By introducing model making, sound effects, lighting, narrative and some simple animation techniques, my drawings become more dynamic and accessible in an age where video content is becoming increasingly influential.
As a personal project, the Juvenile Drama world is an open one, forever expanding and evolving over time. In due course the plan is to collaborate with script writers, voice actors and other artists.
The scenes below from "The Four Half-Horsemen"  provide a flavour, but to see more and keep up with the latest news and updates, please visit www.juveniledrama.com and follow on social media.

My scenes are produced in the same way as the traditional Victorian Toy Theatres - hand drawn plain, then coloured before being cut out and layered within the model theatre. Here's a little look 'behind the scenes' to show some of the processes that we go through...